Let's write a post about brioche bread and all of it's wonders.

A list:

  • I love Brioche in French toast
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Egg and cheese sandwich
  • by itself

This post needs videos as well


And more photos to prove an excellent point. Brioche Ă  tĂŞte or parisienne is perhaps the most classically recognized form: it is formed and baked in a fluted round, flared tin; a large ball of dough is placed on the bottom and topped with a smaller ball of dough to form the head (tĂŞte).Brioche Nanterre is a loaf of brioche made in a standard loaf pan. Instead of shaping two pieces of dough and baking them together, two rows of small pieces of dough are placed in the pan. Loaves are then proofed (allowed to rise) in the pan, fusing the pieces together. During the baking process the balls of dough rise further and form an attractive pattern.


Let's add plenty of more content, shall we?

  1. Another list to illustrate plenty of more points
  2. And beautiful happiness of being
  3. but I love everything that goes on with life
  4. and hope to enjoy brioche another day